Claim Your Locker!

We are investing in some upgrades to our facilities. We have recently renovated the locker room, which has included adding pictures of some of the great players and teams throughout Captains history. We are also working on other initiatives to improve our facilities- upgrading the football locker room carpeting and adding football branding to the practice fields. All of these improvements will assist us with recruiting at a high level.

To help fund these changes, as well as bridge the gap between the alumni and current players, we have implemented a program for CNU Football Alumni. Football alumni who choose to support the program by making a gift of $250.00 will have their names placed in the individual lockers for all the student- athletes to see. You can make your donation by following the link below and in the comments please add “Football Locker”.



CNU Day is an annual event where the Captain Community comes together for a single-day fundraiser. The CNU Football program is striving to be the top fundraising group in the University and every dollar helps! CNU Day 2023 is right around the corner, join us as alumni, faculty, staff, parents and friends celebrate and support CNU by making a gift! More information about CNU Day 2023 will be coming soon.