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The Christopher Newport Alumni Society Chapter Officer and Board Members.

The CNU Football Alumni Board is in place to act as a bridge between the alumni that have played to the current team on the field. They do this by providing information on the current program and holding events to tie them together. Another job of the board is to promote fundraising opportunities to help better the program that we have all been a part of. 

The Board is built of volunteers that dedicate their time to the bettering of our program. If you would like to become a member of the board in the future press the button below. 



Glen Nelson

Class of 2004

VP of Captains – Engagement

Brian Long

Class of 2008

VP of Captains – Special Events

Cliff Weddle

Class of 2008


VP of Commitment

Jerry Brown

Class of 2015

VP Careers

KJ Kearney

Class of 2018


Carlos Bazanalfaro

Class of 2018


Ryan Rusbuldt

Class of 2011

Board Member At-Large

Olando Holmes

Class of 2005

Board Member At-Large

George Jones

Class of 2007

Board Member At-Large

Hosh Weekes

Class of 2004

Board Member At-Large

Cory Webster

Class of 2008

Chapter Board Member Roles

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